SETN Succeeded Increasing Over 80% Ad Revenue on Mobile Web
SETN Succeeded Increasing Over 80% Ad Revenue on Mobile Web
Sales Frontier is the first Google Certified Publishing Partner in Taiwan. We as mobile web optimization leader provide full Google digital advertising solution over the 7 past years. We assisted nearly 300 publishers on AdSense DoubleClick Ad Exchange, and DoubleClick for Publishers to optimize digital strategy. 

Use DoubleClick and AdX to Increase Mobile Site Revenue
“We are the leading company in Taiwan that truly understand mobile site market. Our expertise is to help publishers to boost their potential ad revenue on mobile sites” said by Chairman Chen.
Nearly 300 publishers choose Sales Frontier to help them optimize ad revenue, whether small businesses or large publishers. We succeed assisting publishers to increase over 50% of their CPM.

Private Market Place in DoubleClick Ad Exchange Connects Publishers and Advertisers
Recently, Sales Frontier has began Private Market Place on DoubleClick Ad Exchange to assist clients managed their high quality needs. For example, our team chose top 10 largest Taiwan news media into a single marketplace where premium advertisers can access it in real-time. At the same time, the publishers can ensure they work with top brand advertisers.
In addition, programmatic buy allows both sides to work more efficient and have more control over the advertising strategy.

Case Study: SETN TV 
“We highly recommend Sales Frontier for Google Ad Exchange partner. They assist us to increase our digital advertising share. We trust their professional technical support and excellent consultancy service.” – James Lan, VP of SETN TV Media Department

SETN TV, Taiwan largest news media, transformed from traditional TV to digital. With Sales Frontier, SETN mobile web ad revenue share increased by 83%

Chairman Mr. Chan said, “Although SETN is the largest news media in Taiwan, it doesn’t have any market position in mobile web. We asked Google representative to meet with SETN, and everything changed after that. We assisted SETN to build responsive site and taught them how to get the most revenue out of digital advertising.”

Google Certification Establishes Trust between Sales Frontier and Publishers
Sales Frontier is able to rapidly expand the customer base because we participating in Google Certified Publishing Partner program. As Chairman Mr. Chen said, “ With Google’s brand and reputation as our staunch supporter, it helps publishers to join us and expands our customer base. Publishers trust our relationship with Google, and they know we have the latest technology to assist them.”

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