SalesFrontier is certified as Google Marketing Platform Partner. We have been carefully vetted and meet Google’s rigorous qualification standard and are recommended as a trusted business partner by Google. Our team is expert in Google Marketing Platform; through years of experience we can give the right advertising strategy and data analysis just for you. Select Sales Frontier as your digital advertising partner and head to the digital ad optimization road.

Google Marketing Platform the Best Digital Advertising Solution
Ad Technology

We offer full Google Marketing Platform advertising solution that include media strategy planning, creative production, cross-device ad serving, data integration tracking, and ad performance optimization to help customers manage their campaigns more effectively and maximize their ad effectiveness.

Innovative Creative Production

Our Studio technical team has years of rich media and HTML5 ad technology experience. We can ensure your ads can deliver in different sites fast and smoothly.

Programmatic Buy Consulting Service

We have professional programmatic buying team to help clients develop advertising strategy. Not only we can preciously target the right audience and remarketing, we can also analyze real-time data, manage ad performance, and provide clients data insight as an important reference for the next campaign.

Omnibearing Advertising & Data Solution

PMP Connects Premium Publishers’ Inventory
Deal Transparency

Advertiser has high control over the traffic, CPM, and ad format for the ad campaign.

Great Ad Performance

Advertiser can quickly select the premium sites or specific vertical of site for each campaign and target the right audience.

Connect Ad Exchange Platforms

Connect famous ad exchanges platforms and be the first to know PMP opportunities.

Video Network with Premium Publishers

Connects Taiwan premium publishers Provide advertiser video ad programmatic solution.

Video Network Advantages

Innovative Ad Formats

Dynamic Interactive Ad

Use dynamic interactive ad to achieve the best exposure effect. It can be packaged with banner to increase brand visual exposure of the campaign.

Engaged Video (EV)

Engaged Video combines the image and video ads. It expands at the perfect focal point above the fold and automatically plays.

Engaged Cover (EC)

Engaged cover is a lightbox ad that attracts consumers’ attention to the video. It expands to play the ad and automatically shrinks to its original size when it finishes.

Engaged Mobile (EM)

It is the lightbox ad for mobile. It can combine with video and image creatives to build brand awareness.


Pushdown ad locates at the web center. Ad pushes down the web content. After video ad finishes, it automatically closes.


Expanding ad locates at the focal point of the web content. It automatically expands to play the video ad. When the ad finishes, it disappears.

Banner with Floating

It will automatically pop up as video interstitial ad on the webpage. After the completion of ad, it automatically closes.

360° Pushdown

It is an expandable video ad with 360° image creative. Use the mouse to drag around to see every angle of the product.

Fix Banner PingPong

It is a fixed display ad that locates at the bottom of mobile web. When viewer clicks the ad, it pops out as interstitial ad. It can implement with multiple display and video ads and slide to switch the ad page.

Fix Icon PingPong

Image icon slides down to the web to attract attention. When viewer clicks the icon, it pops out as interstitial ad. It can implement with multiple display and video ads and slide to switch the ad page.

Parallax Scrolling

It is an inline ad that shows piece of ad when scrolling the webpage. It is the most eye-catching ad on mobile web.

More Creative Ad Formats

Coming Soon!

Static Video Ad

Use banner placement to play video ad. It’s very eye-catching to attract attention.

Jungling for PC

‘Jungling for PC’ replaces traditional monotonous image with dynamic video to capture more attention from consumers.

Jungling for Mobile

‘Jungling Mobile’ is designed to be suitable for mobile browsing. It places at the focal point of the mobile web to attract attention.


‘Solo’ locates at premium ad inventory within the viewability of the webpage. It integrates banner and video ads, combined static and dynamic, enhancing the visual effect.


‘Tank’ expands automatically at the focal point of the webpage. It is great to capture consumers’ attention and achieve brand communication.

Customized Ad Format

We help advertiser to build creative ad module. It can integrate with dynamic data like weather and location to build dynamic data ad.

Expandable Interactive Ad

When mouse slides over the ad, it expands to interstitial ad. Expandable interactive ad has multiple interactive features; including viewer can browse product information directly on the ad.

Weather Interactive Video Ad

Weather interactive video ad uses geography and climate to correspond with different video creative. It creates engagement between the audience and product.

Geolocation Ad

It integrates Google Maps with display ads to strengthen viewer’s impression on physical location and increase conversion.

Video and Image Gallery Ad

It uses video ad as an opening. After the completion of the video, it becomes an image gallery for viewer to see the campaign message.

Video Gallery Ad

It can implement multiple videos and use mouse to switch the videos. Add the menu button, allowing audience to see more video ads.

Expandable Search Interactive Ad

It allows viewer to search within the ad and gives immediate search result. When viewer clicks on search result, it leads to webpage of the specific campaign. It is effective to increase campaign transaction.

Time Interactive Ad

Deliver the right ad at the right time. It enhances viewer’s impression and increases conversion.

Dynamic Interactive Ad

Use dynamic interactive ad to achieve the best exposure effect. It can be packaged with banner to increase brand visual exposure of the campaign.

LocalTime Banner
ColumnLink Banner
Transition Rotator
Pick Banner
Carousel Banner
CountDown Banner